humptywaspushed (humptywaspushed) wrote in softballfreak,

Holy crap!!!

How did Michigan beat UCLA??? After that 5-0 loss, I was very doubtful of them...I know that it was big on the pitching and tiredness of the team, but still!


Someone give me a description of the game because I was watching my friend's brother's baseball game tonight and I missed the softball game.

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A 2 run homerun by Michigan's catcher (I'm pretty sure it was her) got them tied. And then Merchant who hadn't been hitting good hit two girls in on a double.... I think all in the fourth inning. And I can't remember when they got the other run... But they got it :)
Jeez...and I thought that UCLA had it in the bag!

That's softball for ya. You've got to love it!!!

And thanks for the recap!

Yeah... I'm going for Michigan. I think it's time for someone else to win :) We'll just see what goes down tomorrow..
Yeah, I want some one else to win, but I'm still mad at Michigan for beating Tennessee.

Awww. But Tenn put up a good fight!