RIFLEDemotion. (kerry_berry7) wrote in softballfreak,

Yeah,  I'm the odd one out with the yellow visor. Kristen, Nikki, Me, & KTV.

Up at bat.

Our lefty slinger Jill.

Our big bat Nikki.

Charlotte- The fastest girl I've ever seen!

Kristen & Jill.

Kristen. Look at those gunssssss.

Me @ 2nd.

Our Ace, Kat.

Stefonawitz did amazingggggggg this weekend.

Not a bad weekend!

So I'm playing a lot of second base lately ever since I strained all the muscles in my arm and dislocated it. It's been tough, since I love catching, but I'm really enjoying second. It's not bad. We're starting to kick off our season, it's going extremely well. Good Luck to everyone in your season!

Fooling around in the hotel.

My coach calls me a Girly-Girl outside of softball.

Me looking like an idiot.

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nice pictures! lol. I play 2nd some, i don't like it that much, i would much rather be behind the plate. nice pictures though. ^.^
nice pictures.

may i ask what age group you are? i'm from northern IL and i actually played a hudson valley express team 2 summers ago in NY when my team was there. i was on the palatine panthers at the time and it would have been in the 14u Aunt Rosie's tourney 4th of July weekend. were you on that team?? lol i know its a long shot but i thought i might ask... lol mmk well cool pictures and good luck this season.

Luv hugz and wishes
chrissy aka twos
I really like that icon...alot...and I want to steal it...

The pope really does kinda scare me, and now i know why! lol

lol umm... honestly... i stole it myself... haha!

just wait about 5 years and we'll have another pope... this one is just too old!! hahah KIDDING oh god please forgive... it was a joke!! *dies in fireball thrown from heaven* mumbles before death... that was a strike...

^boy is that lame or what.... i'm such a loser!
Could I steal it from you? I would if I knew how to save the moving icons...Haven't become that technologically advanced yet! lol

lol hokay go ahead. be my guest!

luv hugz and wishes
great pictures! i tried playing second...i'm just not an infield kinda person. i love my outfield though! haha well,have fun this season!
great pics...what state do you play in

i pitch im the ace for my team lol im to lazy to be a catcher i would tottaly do it indian stlye lmao jk
jill!! that girl is so pretty nd an awesome pitcher--hopefully her shouldar holds up the rest of her career.

great pictures

i recognize those uniforms.
were you ever at nationals?
who do you play for?
I used to play for the Long Island Breakers and before that the Long Island Chargers. But I'm too old to play now.
Oh that last pic. I did something like that. I felt so stupid. Ok well first off it was my ball, our pitcher came out of nowhere LoL. Yea, she knocked me over, and the coaches were like ???? cause nobody usually knocks me down.