Joenny16 (joenny16) wrote in softballfreak,

Can u guys help me out. i'm like the slowest of my team and well, i'm tired of being that girl. i want to gain speed, because my coach told me that if i don't, next year he's going to have a pinch runner for me. and i dont want that. So, any suggestions?
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dont worry, im as slow as molassis going up hill in january but i hit the ball far enough to get on base

if you really are worried, get a running coach, my team got one and my speed improved like no other
my school is kinda cheap and we barely have a decent field to work on, i dont think we can afford a coach. and oh yeah, i'm cheap
best ways to improve your speed?

1. Work on your form. It might be getting a coach, or getting an instruction video, but you just need to make sure that you are doing everything right.

2. Get stronger. Lift weights, concentrating on the areas that you need for quick bursts of speed. Quads, and hamstrings.

3. Train with a parachute. Sounds like the dumbest thing ever, but buy one and you will never regret it. If you cant find one (usually in sports magazines) have someone brace you.

4. Get in better overall shape. It will give you more to work with

5. Footwork. Footwork. Footwork. Jump rope, do footfire, etc.

Hope that helps :)
what's foot fire?...btw, thanx for the advice in general
move your arms quicker. the faster you move your arms the faster you go
Try running a few sprints. Then, get a friend or family member to put a jump rope or something similar around your waist and then run with them pulling on it slightly. Do a few repetitions, and then run sprints normally again. You should notice a difference.

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This was written in 2005...
i don't even play anymore... lol...
but still thanks for the advice.. i just wish i could have gotten it when i was in school- i finish my senior year playing every game- i didn't gain speed.. but the coach didn't do what he said... so i ended up running slow as hell.. but running nonetheless....


what grade are you in? what position do you play?