Joenny16 (joenny16) wrote in softballfreak,

this question may sound stupid, but hopefully someone will understand me...

What can i do to hit a homerun?

like type of workouts, and exercises, and drills, anything.
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well you cant really aim to hit a homerun, and ussually if you do it just turns out as a fly out or a litter dinker to shortstop.

but if you want to increase your strength to make it possible for you to hit a homerun you can do core excersizes here are some my coaches gave me...

1. 25 regular crunches
2. 15 side crunches on each side (lay on your side and crunch to work your
love handles)
3. 25 toe touches (on back, legs straight up, try to touch toes. Go as far
as possible)
4. 15 single leg V-Ups ( lay on back with feet on ground, with one leg at a
time try to lift leg and upper half of body to meet in the middle. Both
parts should be lifting same distance. Think of it as a "suitcase" or a "V")
5. 30 seconds scissor kicks- lay on back with hands underneath bottom, feet
only 6 inches off ground, scissor kick legs.
6. 30 seconds flutter kicks- same as above, but instead of side by side- you
will kick up and down.
7. 20 seconds circles- same as above but for 10 sec. go in circles 1
direction then switch.
8. 45 seconds- 2 arm elbow bridges
9. 30 seconds each side- side elbow bridges
10. 15 leg throws- hold onto partners ankles, they throw legs, legs should
not touch ground, they should be 6 inches from the ground.
thanx for the info..and i am going to try every single one. hitting a homerun is my goal this year
You can not try to hit a homerun, or else you will probably end up pulling it and it just ends up a popup.
(Not trying to show off..) I've hit a lot of homeruns and I don't go up there thinking, "Alright, I'm going to get this one over the fence." I guess all you can really do is take a lot of batting practice everyday and just become a better batter, and within time, the ball will go further, resulting in homeruns. Don't go up to bat trying to think that you're going to smash it, or else you will lunge for the ball and either miss, or pop out. But try to remember it's not all about homeruns, small ball and base hits work too.
Well, i never go up there thinking about homeruns..i actually thought about it in the off season. i have like over 6 months to prepare myself. i am a senior and i want to be able to hit a homerun. because according to my knowledge nobody has done that in my school. so i want to pretty much make history. lol. i just really wanna be able to hit it out the fence and know what it feels. well, thanx for the advice. i appreciate it
hi im a college player from fresno! i played my first year then had to red shirted my second year due to ripping my throwing shoulder muscle in a game. i was throwing home from center and throw it out(we won the game! 200 foot throw and i got the girl out at home!!) but i didn't know it was that bad and just kept playing! then i was coming back this year and i was at work and hurt my knee. now im having knee surgery! but i will come back and i will play softball is my life! I've been engaged for two years now and we keep pushing the date back because of softball. he is great though, he doesn't seem to care as long as i am happy ;) im spoiled!

but any ways enough about me to hit a home run you just need to relax and not try to hit one. i know that sounds funny but just try to hit the sweet spot and only concentrate on that and things will happen for you! hope that helps! keep me up dated on it k-- tazlefty!
omg..i would love to keep in contact with you..i'm trying to get as good as posible because my biggest fear is not being able to play for college...i want to play so bad...thanks for the advice..and take care of yourslef..softball is like the best sport ever...impressive story..i wish i could throw like that...i have the best arm in my team..but i'm not that good...well, i have to go..but thanks for taking the time to write. i appreciate it.
I understand this is late, but I have been the number 4 hitter on varsity since my freshman year. if you don't know what the number 4 spot is, its your power hitter. usually the strongest hitter on the team. in one year I broke the schools record for homeruns in someones career of 4 years. if you need any help still with any of the work outs or any thing let me know :)