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well thunder just finished it's season until playoffs. we ended up being 5-15 =/ but we were a young team and like everyone else in our leauge were either the same team as last year or just older.

well our head catcher is going on vacation the week that we are in the playoffs. and im the backup catcher, i havent caught in like 2 years. does anyone have any advice to catch balls on wild pitches or very high pitches??? if any catcher or former catcher has any, if you could please give me some advice i would really appericate it!

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i'm not a catcher but i know just from hearing my coaches tell the catchers on my team...

for high pitches don't be afraid to stand up to catch them. if its already a noticeable ball you can't frame it then... unless the umpire is just stupid.

ALWAYS PROTECT THE UMP... no matter what.

good luck and luv hugz and wishes
ok thanks!
I'm not sure if i'm accepted.. but i'll help you out anyways. I'm a catcher so i'd be glad to help!

Ground balls on the ground you must always protect with your body, so don't be afraid to go down and block it. Like, if the ball is low and outside to the right you would move your right leg over and kind of lunge down and block the ball.

Also, throws down to 2nd: If you know they're gonna go, let the pitcher know so she pitches a high ball or outside pitch or whatever. And instead of crouching all the way down, go halfway down kind of so you're already halfway up and once you get it just fire it down and you should be fine.

Just a few little tips.
Good luck!!
ill work on those!
Always frame the ball for the ump. Don't make sudden movements, just hold the ball where it hits you're glove. Don't stand directly lined up to the middle of the plate, if you want it outside, stand a little outside, inside, stand a little inside. When you block ground balls curl your shoulders over so if it hits you, it will bounce in front of you. Throwing down to second just pop up and throw from your ear. Follow all the way through.
Oh and definatley get on the umps side and protect him. Talk to him too.
I understand this is late, but I have been a catcher for 12 years, won conference awards, ect. but if you need any help... let me know :)