Joenny16 (joenny16) wrote in softballfreak,

I suffer from pain in the elbow ever since i started playing. my friends told me that it would pass as i got used to playing, but it hasnt gone away. do you have any suggestions as to how to get rid of the pain?
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You're probably throwing wrong.

Heh, I don't know what else to tell you. may be so..i dont know
Ask someone to watch you throw a ball to someone, and they can probably tell you if you're throwing side-arm or something.
im lefthanded and i used to feel that
but i think i must throw sidearms sometimes
when im feeling lazy.
i dont know if i throw sidearm..some people tell me i throw underamr..i dont even know how i do that...but i dont. know..what do you do when it hurts?
this is pretty bad advice....but usually it happens to me in the middle of a tourney or right b4 a game. all i can do is rest a little and stretch it out well. mine usually stops hurting right after i quit throwing.
i use to have that exact pain
and i only have it when i play it goes away after
so i used biofreeze its like a roll on gel and it worked great the funny thing was EVERYONE on my team would use it to lol but hey it worked great
It's not like bengay right? c/s i started using bengay and in my stank and made it worse. and...i am gonna try it. hopefully iy works for me too. thanx for the advice.
I had the same problem as a catcher/center field. its the way you throw. I ended up going to my sports doctor and then following up with an expert that tapes the way you throw and evaluates it. in the end it came down to the way I throw, how I wasn't following through. the way to solve it was mechanically changing the way I threw. it may help just to strengthen certain muscles in your arm. but go back to the basics. you can look up basic throwing mechanics online. standing next to a wall and keeping your arm tight against it as you go through the motions, following through, not having a side arm, ECT. all of these things take a tole on your elbow or other places... especially if you throw hard. I might still have some of the steps/videos/pictures/exercises if you want some more information :) it helped me and now my elbow doesn't hurt and before I would almost be in tears after everygame